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We can provide you with same day illustrations.

Click Here to request a real-time proposal via our online request forms. Your quote will immediately be entered into processing.
You can reach us by phone at (330) 670-8103 or toll-free at (800) 453-6277.
You can fax your proposal request to us at (330) 670-8105.


The Feigenbaum Agency is dedicated to providing valuable marketing materials to help you make your important sales.

Custom Designed Solutions

We work with you on case and product design to insure your clients get the best possible solution for their situation. We aren't limited to any single carrier, which means our solutions are custom tailored for your client, and the most competitive sales proposal for you.

We offer disability insurance products and training to insurance agents, brokers, financial planners, and marketing partners.


Training Seminars
Proper use of disability insurance within a financial plan.
Business disability insurance products and proper use within a business continuation plan.
Policy types and contract provisions.
Underwriting and issue procedures.
Understanding and using sales presentations and illustrations.
Understanding the tax consequences of various DI Products.
How to market the individual/group combo.
Administrative Services
New business processing and underwriting follow-up.
Contracting and licensing.
Policy service relating to inforce business.
Customized large-case design.
Cross-selling opportunities.
Product comparisons.
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